Gönguhátíin Umfar

High mountains, beautiful beaches and small creeks; mother nature provides the wonders and you enjoy the adventure. Rich flora and fauna makes the trip even more memorable. Walk in the footsteps of Viking Flóki, Iceland´s name giver, enjoy the enourmous bird colonies and rest tired legs in one of the many wonderful natural hot spring pools.

We operate varied regular hiking and walking tours with guidance in the pictureque tranquile Sauthern Westfjords. All our guides are local and certified. Our tours are tailored to various hiking and walking interest of different travelers.

All tours set off by bus from Westfjords Adventures Tourist Center in Patreksfjörður. Check our schedule.

Discount for families and groups. Extra discount for 2 tours or more. All tours marked ,,easy“ are free of charge for children under 12 years old.

For all tours, please wear comfortable warm outdoor clothing and hiking boots and bring a backpack and bottled water.

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