Reykjavík Pride

Human rights, diversity & culture
For the sixteenth time the largest-small-Pride in the world takes place in Reykjavik, celebrating the struggle, dedication and joy that Icelandic LGBT people have put forward in their battle for legal rights, equality and respect. From 5 to 10 August 2014 the Icelandic capital will host a variety of rainbow colored events, ranging from concerts, dances and exhibitions, reaching a climax during the official Reykjavik Pride Parade.

Reykjavik Pride is without a doubt the most important event of the year for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, who gather with their families to promote visibility and claim recognition as active members of Icelandic society before their fellow citizens.

Pride is also one of the most vibrant and popular events in Reykjavik’s cultural calendar, organized and implemented through the dedication of hundreds of volunteers. Reykjavík Gay Pride aims to promote joy and solidarity as never before. It only remains to welcome Icelandic and foreign guests to the fifteenth Reykjavik Gay Pride. We hope you have a wonderful time.


Further information available on our website and in our printed program published yearly in the beginning of July.