Who was Hrafnkell Freysgoði and where did he live? How was Eyvindur murdered and where? What clothing did the vikings wear and how did people live and play during the viking age? What about hunting, weapons and fighting moves?

The Organization of Hrafnkelssaga and historical tourism of the Fljótsdalshérað district formally began in December 2005 working towards goals of highlighting the sagas and historical spots in East Iceland to make them more „available“ for the public.

Sunday, August 3, 2014, we will hold our annual celebration in honor of Hrafnkell Freysgoði. Those who wish, both adults and children, may follow, by bus from Egilsstaðir at 1:00 pm, the trails of Hrafnkelssaga, stopping on the way to see where most of the saga took place and hear excerpts from the saga as well as other interesting information, poems, stories and more. The bus trip takes approx. 3 hours with the possibility of walking the last 30 minutes down the hill to Aðalból. There guests are entertained with skits and interesting facts about the environment, may participate in viking ways of life, games, hunting skills, weapons and handicrafts, etc. After eating grilled horse steaks and more, guests can participate in dancing, singing viking rhymes, etc. until they leave for home at 9:00 pm.


Don‘t miss our next Celebration – Hrafnkelsdagur – on Sunday, August 3! Hope to see you there! Prices and times advertised at a later date.

  • Where: Á slóðum Hrafnkels Freysgoða og að Aðalbóli í Hrafnkelsdal
  • When: 03.08 - 03.08
  • More: Vefsvæði atburðar