Húnavakais a local town festival, celebrated every July, in Blönduós, Northern Iceland. This festival has been celebrated in a similar way since 2006, before that a local festivivity, by the name Matur og menning (Food and culture) was held a few times. This year the festival will be held from Thursday July 17th to Sunday July 20th. The local people decorate their houses and streets in various and interesting ways the day before the festival begins. The festival´s opening ceremony will be held thursday and that same evening, the villages´ residents gather for a „grilling evening“ in the oldest part of town.Everyone brings his/her own food and people enjoy each other´s company, while grilling, eating and enjoying themselves.

On Friday various companies and operations in Blönduós open their doors, inviting guests to acquaint themselves with their activities. Friday and Saturday there will be a lot of events and everyone should find something of interest, such as: Míkróhúnninn, a song contest for children, Blönduhlaup USAH, a fun –and competition run, Fun for everyoneat the town square, Outdoor market. The highlight of our festival is the evening gathering Saturday night, by a bonfire on the riverbank, with various entertainmentsand singing together. Dances, with live bands, will be held in the Félagsheimili community house, both Friday and Saturday evenings. Museums will stay open during the whole weekend.

It is our experience that the „population“ of Blönduós increases enormously during our town festival, Húnavakan. A few weeks before the festival a pamphlet with further information about the festival will be issued. There you will find the full and concise agenda for the whole event.

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