The Rainbow – art in beautiful surroundings

The Rainbow – art in beautiful surroundings is a cultural festival that is held in the area of Vík in Mýrdalur the second weekend in October. The festival has been held every year since 2007.

At the Rainbow, as locals call the festival every day, guests are invited to a cultural festival. The population of Vík in Mýrdalur and the surrounding areas comes together in order to create a cultural event, where everyone is welcome.

The Rainbow´s program includes the opening ceremony at the sports hall with food and music promotion from locals, market in Leikskálar the community centea, entertainment for the whole family during the day and entertainment at night. After the formal program is completed on Friday and Saturday the local bars are open and there is generally live performance of music. On Sunday the festival ends with music concert in Vík Church. Other events during the festival are open houses around town, hiking, church mass,  karióke for the kids and offers on dining and accommodation and much more.

The festival is made possible by the generous support of the festivals´ patrons (individuals, companies, NGOs, and Mýrdalshreppur municipality).

We look forward to see you in Vik in Mýrdal at the  rainbow-art in beautiful surroundings.