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All Tomorrow´s Parties – review

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All Tomorrow´s Parties festival was held for the second time in Iceland July 10 – 12th. This festival which began it´s run in England 1999 has a reputation for creating great line up with featured artists selecting acts to perform at the festival. It is also known for hosting the festival in unusual locations rather then the usual outdoor fields.

Like last year ATP was held at an old NATO base just a few minutes from Keflavik international airport at a place called Asbru. There were two main stages (one with seating) a dj tent and a cinema. This year Portishead chose the films that were shown during the festival.
This years line-up surpassed last years line up with ease bringing international acts such as Portishead, Interpol, Mogwai, Shellac, Kurt Vile, Slowdive and Devandra Bernhart along with many great Icelandic bands and artists.

It is safe to say that Portishead delivered the best performance of the festival. Not only did the band play a stellar set but also had a spectacular visual show to enhance the bands performance.

Shellac brought their no bullshit rock to Iceland for the second time, they last played here in 1999 and it was evident that they age like good red wide, they only get better as the years go by.

This was also Mogwai´s second visit to Iceland and they created a sonic blizz. These ATP veterans had a great moment when during a song the band slowly volume down and some audience members turning towards the venue exit thinking the show was over got hit by Mogwai´s full power volume, blasting at them from behind. I can still visualize the sheer terror in some of those faces. One audience member nearly fell to the floor from the shock.

Interpol have many fans in Iceland who waited eagerly for their performance so it was a great treat to see them perform at ATP this year. Interpol did a fantastic set and showed that they are still the indie darlings since their formation in 1997. They have a new album coming out in September and I urge everyone to check it out.

It is fair to say that this second installment of ATP in Iceland was a great success and judging by this years line up and great performances it will be very exciting to see what will happen next year.