The Herring Festival

  • Síldarævintýrið á Siglufirði

The Herring Festival in Siglufjörður has been held during the first weekend of August for the past twenty three years, since 1991. Since the beginning the theme of the festival has been related to the towns history – which is based on Siglufjörður being the biggest herring-fishing village in Iceland from early 20th. century up until 1970. Here everything was based on the herring fisheries, which some years gave the Icelandic nation almost half of the total export income.

The Herring Festival is a family festival – where the main focus is on good Icelandic music, both played by locals and well known Icelandic musicians, as well as other cultural events – such as the theatrical performance of the local herring girls at the award winning Herring Era Museum, or traditional Icelandic rhymes and chants being sung at the Folk Music Center. Not to forget special events for the kids, the big herring buffet at the square, and a nice firework-show to finish the Festival on the Sunday evening!

For the past three years locals have tried to make more out of the Festival, and have schedualed events for then whole days – the Festival itself as well as the so called Herring days, which go on the week before the Festival itself, this year from July 24. – 31. During the Herring days there is a little something going on every day – a concert, sports events, a walk through all the local artstudios and workshops, fishing, hiking etc.

Each year – The Herring Festivals goal is to have something exciting to offer for the whole family, both children and adults!