Reykjavik International Film Festival

RIFF takes place every year in late September for eleven days. The festival shows a wide range of dramas and non-fiction films from over 40 countries. The festival highlights independent film making from all over the world with an emphasis on up-and-coming filmmakers. RIFF encourages the interaction of film with other art forms by organizing concerts, photo exhibitions and more. The festival also manages the RIFF industry office, complete with a video library, information and guest services, and co-organizes networking meetings. The aim of Reykjavik International Film Festival is to become one the foremost film festivals in Europe, placing continued emphasis on presenting not only progressive, independent cinema and a wide range of documentaries touching on explosive subjects, but also a young and unusual Capital in a country bursting with energy and creativity. The geographic location makes RIFF a naturally ideal meeting point for filmmakers from either side of the Atlantic Ocean. 

RIFF is all about experience. And while there is nothing quite like a film, we want to spice things up a bit every now and again. The Special Events of the last few years include…

° Swim-In Cinema. A RIFF specialty. Put on your swimsuit and soak while watching one of the classics.

° Ciné-Concert. Renowned artists such as Damo Suzuki, Hjaltalín, Benni Hemm Hemm, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Kira Kira, Olivier Mellano and Skúli Sverrisson have all performed live music to silent films. Hanna Schygulla was even kind enough to perform a selection of cabaret songs for us once and Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk deejayed at our closing party!

° Living Room Cinema. See one of your favourite director’s favourite — in his or her living room!

° Art and photography exhibitions. Abbas Kiarostami, Shirin Neshat and Ulrike Ottinger have all shared magnificent artworks with our guests.

° Panels and masterclasses. We put our guests to work and you reap the rewards! Hear what the world’s best directors, editors, screenwriters, cinematographers, actors, academics and critics have to say.

Apart from these pseudo-staples, we have ventured to the centre of the Earth to watch a film, resurrected the glory days of the Drive-In, and biked around town to check out popular film locations — to name but a few fun events!


“We want to see you in Reykjavík on the 25th of September – 5th of October!”


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