Eistnaflug Festival is a coming together of all the best things in life. It all starts by its unique setting – the comfortable indoor main venue Egilsbúð, as well as the creepy off-site visual art venue Mayhemisphere are situated in Neskaupstaður, a quaint little town located on the Norðfjörður fjord on the Eastern coast of Iceland, 700km away from Reykjavik, remote even by Icelandic standards, ideal to escape all the trouble of the real world.

During the festival, however, the town lights up with the presence of the friendliest metalheads, rockers and overall party animals you will ever meet, so you will be isolated but in the best company possible, and all of it without night ever setting in, due to the party-inducing 24-hour July daylight in that part of the world. Just the getting there can be an adventure too, one that is provided with a minimum of hassle. You can take a short plane ride from Reykjavik to Egilsstaðir, flying over some of the most surreal, impressive landscapes you will ever see, and then take a bus to Neskaupstaður, or you can get a group of friends, rent a car and drive yourself there, stopping on all the amazing spots throughout the way.

Musically, Eistnaflug is also a remarkable melting pot, with a few selected, prime foreign acts stacking up against a massive selection of all the great things the Iceland music scene has to offer every year. There are no boundaries – from indie rock to hardcore to black metal, everything that’s good is accepted and embraced at Eistnaflug.

Having featured international talent such as Napalm Death, Secrets Of The Moon, Triptykon, Cephalic Carnage, Red Fang, Helhorse, Whorls, The Psyke Project, Earth Divide and Hamferð in previous editions.

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