Eldur í Húnaþingi

  • Eldur í Húnaþingi

Eldur í Húnaþingi (Fire in Húnaþingi) is a summerfestival for the whole family. The festival takes place in the region of Húnaþing vestra during 23rd-27th of July this year. This year is the 11th year of the festival.

Eldur í Húnaþingi starts with an opening ceremony on the evening of Wednesday. The festival has somethingfor everyone. Among the activities that the festival has to offer are courses for children and teenagers (youth), workshop of arts, art show, the world championship of the cardgame “kleppari”, drive-in theater, soup of meat and various of musical events.

Melló Músíka is an event where the locals get up on stage and provide the music and afterwards you can hear some good blues from the band Johnny and the rest. During Melló Músíka the youth will be having a blast at their own concert.

The concerts in the natural phenomenon Borgarvirki are very popular amongst the guests of the festival and it is a good idea to bring a blanket and something soft to sit on while listening to the music. After Borgarvirki the music will continue with a concert at the community house in Hvammstangi.

Saturday of the festival is a true familyday. The children can jump around in inflatable bounce houses, slide on the slippery soapsloap and get beautiful facepaint. The day also offers paintball, barbecue, a fun competition between teams and more enjoyable events. On Saturday evening a dance is all the rage. First there is a dance for the younger guests and then the festival comes to an end with a real “sveitaball”.

Radio Hvammstangi will operate during the festival.