Happy Days Festival in Hólmavík

The first Happy Days Festival in Hólmavík was held in 2005 and has been the largest local event in Strandabyggð Municipality ever since, making this year’s festival the tenth. Happy Days are filled with various activities for the whole family, making it a great opportunity to visit Strandir, the sparsely populated area in the southeast part of the Westfjords.

In the year 2011 the local authorities approved a happiness contract thus making Hólmavík the only village in the world focusing especially on the happiness of its inhabitants and visitors. In Strandabyggð we believe that the quality of life can be increased considerably by offering numerous opportunities for people to become happier by the day. One of those ways is to enjoy happy moments with friends and family celebrating arts and culture and by participating in healthy activities.

Happy days 2014 will challenge you with the Cross Country Happy Run, beautiful and delicious local cakes made by villagers, home visits to happy people and institutions, neighbourhood parties, boxcar racing, music, dancing, a happy market and numerous of other activities suitable for people of all ages and interests.

With active participation you will get the chance to make yourself and others happier than ever before within our beautiful nature and amongst the kind and loving people of Standabyggð.

Be very welcome to Happy Days in Hólmavík!