European Championship in Swamp soccer

  • Mýrarboltinn

If your love for the party life prevented you from qualifying for the European regular soccer championship. We have the solution! Fear not because you have been offered another chance: the European swamp soccer championship in Ísafjörður! Play some seriously dirty football in the day and party hard in the night, with the midnight sunset and the awe inspiring Westfjords landscape as a backdrop.

The event is more then a sport event as the town of Ísafjordur if filled with live music throughout the weekend. The Swamp Soccer is always held on the first weekend of August, which is the bank holiday and traditionally the biggest party weekend in Iceland. In 2013 participant in the swamp soccer were about 1200, while total of 3000 people came to Ísafjordur to watch the games and party all nights.

Participation from International teams have increased for the last couple of year and it is popular to register a ‘national’ team into the European Championship in Swamp soccer. For every event there is still be a non Icelandic champions, but there is still hope for a strong contender in 2014.

Registration opens in June. For registration of English speaking/foreign teams and players send an email to

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