Fisherman festival

Fisherman festival in Patreksfjordur has been celebrated since 1941 by Seaman Council Patreksfjörður . Festival is for 4 days ( 29/05/14 to 06/01/2014 ) , starting on Thursday ( Ascension Day ) and ends on Sunday. There is plenty going on for children and families.
We will try to have the highest number of programs down to the dock during the festival period. Thus , we intend to create a denser atmosphere for the festival , as entertainment , and entertainment will be in one place.

The town is divided into two teams Vatneyri and Geirseyri . The town is decorated in two colors ,red and blue. Vatneyri red and Geirseyri blue . The tradition has been established that certain neighborhoods of the town offer guest free soup for lunch on Saturday . This year the group Átthagafélag plan to take care of the soup, location of the soup will be in advertised in final agenda.

For kids , there are various events such as kids marathon, sportsgames , sailing on the fjord, theaters, childrens rally and various other games that are on the pier on Saturday and Sunday.

Other major programs include footballcup, Mans Strenght competition , rowing competition , marketplace , cruise on the fjord Fair, class reunions,  hiking tours , parade , dock ball , golf tournament . Big Bands will play for dancing on Friday and Saturday in the FHP . ( Skítamórall and Rokkabillýband) . Concerts by local people, buffet and much more besides all the events that are beyond the festival . Everyone should find something to their interest in this festival