Skjaldborg film festival

Skjaldborg is an annual documentary film festival, held in the small seaside town of Patreksfjörður, Iceland. In 2014 it will run from 6.-8 June.

Named after the historic local theater the festival premieres new and interesting Icelandic documentaries by upcoming filmmakers and veterans alike. It reaches its peak with the audience choice awards for best documentary, called “Einarinn,” named after the awards maker, Einar.

Each year an honorary guest is invited to the festival. A documentarist that can expand the horizon of the attendees, or a veteran that can share his or hers experience.

Skjaldborg is the most important meeting of Icelandic documentarists, where the (often) soloists meet and discuss documentaries and catch-up in the surroundings of Patreksfjörður. The festival has had a major impact on the development of the icelandic scene, as the discussions during the 3 days echo in the films produced in the following year.

Besides the film screenings,which are always free of charge, Skjaldborg offers its guests a seafood feast,Traditional mashed fish prepared by the local women & a countryside ball with the annual Limbo competition and the award ceremony.