The 9th annual Icelandic Tattoo Convention

The Icelandic Tattoo Convention has become an annual thing in Reykjavík culture. Life music and tattooing brightens up Reykjavíks down town atmosphere so June 6-8th is the time to be there. The festival is held now for the 9th time at Bar 11, Reykjavík’s biggest rock-bar, on Hverfisgata 18. Reykjavík Ink Tattoo Shop owners are the founders of this festival and will have there around 20 tattoo artists from all over the world. This is a very popular festival amongst Icelanders as well as for turists, some people that live out in the country side come to Reykjavík especially for this festival even. Great atmosphere, icelandic summerweather, good music and bad ass tattoos are a great combination and everyone should note June 6-8th down as ‘busy’ in their calendar and come down to Bar 11 and have a fucking awesome time!

20 high class tattoo artist from all over will be there:

Jason Thompson Reykjavík Ink

Jason June Three Kings tattoo

Guy Urstutti Eight of swords

Mason Coriell

Scott Ellis Triple Crown Tattoo parlor

Holly Ellis Idle hand tattoo

Will Card

Chip Baskin Skyline tattoo and piercing

Austin Maples

Jason Donahue

Jesse Allen Gordon

Ryan Campell

Jennifer Lynn

Simon Capex

Javier Wolf