The Folk Music Festival in Siglufjörður

The Folk Music Festival in Siglufjörður, North Iceland, takes place from 2nd to the 6th of July 2014. In 18 performances Icelandic and foreign artists play music from all over the world. A broad picture of Icelandic folk music will be given during the festival. At the festival in July 2014, music from France will be of special interest. The fabuolous Klezmer Kaos from Paris will give two concerts at the festival and play at France dancing on the final evening.

During the day, many different courses will be given both on Icelandic and foreign folk music. Folk dances will be taught as well as Icelandic handicraft. People from abroad are very welcome to the festival; in Siglufjörður the word foreigner does not exist.

During the festival and all summer long you can visit the Folk Music Centre in Siglufjörður. In the second half of the 19th century, rev. Bjarni Thorsteinsson lived and collected Icelandic folk music in Siglufjörður. He made a great effort to save melodies that else would have be gone for good. His book, Icelandic Folk Music, was published in 1906 and in 2006 the Folk Music Centre was opened in his house in Siglufjörður.

The centre brings to life the world of Icelandic folk music. Visitors can see video recordings of people of all ages chanting epic poetry (rímur), singing quint-songs (tvísöngur), reciting nursery rhymes, and playing folk instruments such as the langspil (similar to dulcimer) and the Icelandic violin (fiðla). The centre also depicts the life of the Rev. Bjarni Thorsteinsson and how he collected the folk songs.